How WestConnex will affect you:

  • You won’t save much time. You’ll save less than 3 minutes a trip during peak time. Then you’ll hit bottlenecks at the end of the tollway. Then you’ll have to find and pay for a parking spot.
  • Your tolls will have paid off the new M4 work within 2 years. They could be spent on badly needed public transport services for Western Sydney. Instead they’ll go up by 4% (or CPI, whichever is higher) every year, for the next 43 years. The Premier has frozen tolls for North Shore commuters using the Harbour Bridge and Tunnel. Your M4 tolls will go up every year until 2060. Does that sound fair to you?
  • The crucial link between WestConnex and Sydney Airport remains without a design, and without funding.
  • Local roads will become choked. In Inner Sydney, WestConnex will dump those tens of thousands more trucks and cars onto just two exits, turning local roads into rat-runs.
  • Your sleep and quality of life could deteriorate. City residents will be forced to endure years of noise pollution and putrid odours caused by motorway construction. Some residents are already seeing large cracks appear in the walls of homes above tunneling sites. More local parkland and trees will be destroyed. Dangerous methane fumes and asbestos dust have escaped the WestConnex site.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian needs to end the secrecy around her controversial WestConnex project

Everyone in NSW will be paying until 2060 for this destructive network of toll roads, whether they use it or not.

Stop this madness.

The NSW Premier is selling the controlling stake in the company that will build, operate and collect tolls on the WestConnex network. The deadline for bids from interested consortia is 26 February.

We need to keep the government honest while it evaluates those bids.

This bungled road toll project will have considerable governance, economic and financial risks for the NSW economy.

The government needs to make a decision that will deliver the least worse outcome in a transparent way, rather than merely accept the bid that provides the most cash up-front.

The views of over 12,000 residents - including busy mums and dads - were ignored in a cynically short period of 8 weeks when the project opened for comment.

Westconnex will cost more than a staggering $18 billion.

Rather than the people of NSW getting better, more reliable public transport, we are getting this dog of a project that could bankrupt the state.

Whether it is secrecy or incompetence, the government’s environmental impact statement provides insufficient detail on the construction and potential impacts of the Rozelle Interchange. This will be the largest, deepest and riskiest underground traffic interchange in the world.

But it’s not too late to stop this madness. Demand design changes that will fix these significant problems by submitting your concern to the Premier.


Don’t just take our word for it...

The community is speaking out:

It's all over the news:

‘Prediction Haberfield, Newtown and Ashfield street to turn into rat runs’Daily Telegraph, 7 November 2017
‘NSW Auditor-General to inquire into WestConnex for a second time’Sydney Morning Herald, 13 October 2017
‘Residents in narrow inner west street fear WestConnex trucks’Daily Telegraph, 31 October 2017
‘Sydney Airport road block to state government's $1.8 billion link to WestConnex’ Sydney Morning Herald, 6 February 2018
‘State rejects only bidder for construction of WestConnex spaghetti junction’Sydney Morning Herald, 11 October 2017

Send the Premier a direct message and make it count.

It will take you just 2 minutes to tell her how you feel about WestConnex.

We’ve made it easy for you to customise the email template below.

Dear Premier,

I am outraged you are wasting my hard earned dollars on the WestConnex project.

I’m most concerned about

From what I’ve read WestConnex will not save much time, will waste a whole lot more money and will only increase congestion. You need to press pause and change the current design to fix these major problems.


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